Monday, November 30, 2009

It Was Over A Year

It was over a year that Dad had not penned down in my blog. I keep on waiting for Dad to narrate my story and progress. I asked Mom why my blog stagnant for sometimes with no updates. Mom told me that Dad was terribly busy with his job. I try to comprehend the way Dad handled his life but I was wondering why Dad keep on updating his own blog? Hhhmmmm...... I didn't blame Dad for that but I wish Dad will make his best endeavor to make my journey very meaningful.
Every time when Dad phoned Mom, Dad will ask Mom to put the hand phone to my ear. I can hear what Dad said but I just could not reply. Now, I started to learn few words from my sisters and brothers. Mom said that my vocabulary is improving even the syllables are not perfect. This is the way we learn things when we grow up, said Mom. I tend to appreciate my life more now since I have learned many things as I progress.

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