Monday, November 30, 2009

I Miss You So Much

One day, I was asking mom where is Dad. Mom replied that Dad was away from home. Dad got to work and finish his job. I cannot fathom what is meant by 'work and job'. Why need to go far away for a job or to work. I feel perplexed for quite sometimes trying to understand the explanation from Mom. Mom told me that I could never understand what does that mean because I was too young to deal with adult's activities. Mom continued that, job or work is the activity that when people did it, they will get paid with money. With that money Mom will by me new clothes. With that money Mom will get me a ride on Panda. I try to comprehend every description but it was hard.... Mom reminded me that when I am big enough, I would also go to work.
Everyday, I will play with sister Adah. She will case me first and I will run down stairs and jump into a sofa. Then I will case her in retaliation and will cry if I could not catch her. Mom will scold Adah if I started to cry. Sometimes I were left alone if everybody went to school. I was hoping that Dad will be around so that I could play hide and seek with him. I miss Dad so much. I seldom see him. When Dad arrived home abruptly, I was so shy to introduce myself. I used to hide behind Mom. One thing I know for sure was, Dad will grasp and hold me tightly and lifted me from the floor and kiss me roughly. I can feel Dad's beard pocking to my cheek and I despise it.

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