Friday, January 25, 2008

Going On The Jet Plane

Dad told me that he will be away for 10 days. He will be on the jet plane. I can imagine that the places will be far away from me. I will miss Dad so much. I will miss his kisses and and I will miss his hugs as well. Dad said that he is going to have a meeting in Istanbul and Turkmenistan. I already knew Bandar Sungai Buaya but this two places are very alient to me. Dad said if I want to go there, just keep a wish in my heart and that intention will florish when I grow up.
Mom told me that Dad is going for work and he got to complete his mission. Honestly I dont really know what Dad is doing. But the way I look and feel about it, Dad must be a very busy man. Mom always reminded me that I also can be like Dad flying high in the sky and travel all over the world if I work hard and be a smart boy.
I saw Dad was packing his clothes into the huge luggage and Mom was assisting Dad to arrange the clothes. The way I looked at it Dad is going to have a very long journey. Dad told Mom that his friend will drive him to the airport. I wish I can send Dad because I also wish to see the airport. Mom told me that the airport is for the jet plane to land and take off. The jet plane can take me up high in the sky like an eagle spread its wings and gliding in the blue sky. It must be a very wonderful journey.
Suddenly I heard that Dad's friend unable to make it because his maid ran away. Dad got no other choice but to inform Mom to take him to the airport. So Dad asked Bro Ubai, and granma to accompany him so that grandma can take care off me when return from the airport. I cannot remember anything along the journey because Mom told me I was sleeping soundly.
Sis Kiz already left me but now Dad already flew away. I dont know when will others are going to leave me because one day, I'm going to miss everybody. Mom came to comfort me saying that the life is like a season, always comes and goes. There will be a time when the autumn will replace the summer, the spring will replace the winter, the summer will replace the spring and the winter will replace the summer. But life must go on...........


Anonymous said...

PM candidate Anwar ibrahim's website is hacked, but this wont silence us all... we will win the race anyway

Majid Anwar said...

Crap!! Look at the nonsense created... How can BN behave like that.

abdul beig said...

He spoke ill about our holy water (Ganga), lets hope he does not have water to wash his behind.