Thursday, December 3, 2009

Today Is My Birthday

This morning Mom brought me and Hadi to town. I thought Mom will go to Bintang or Giant for groceries. Instead, Mom drove straight to a cake shop. At front of the shop was written 'Secret Recipe'. I saw so many varieties of cakes and made my mouth watering. It must be very delicious and I would like to taste all of them. Mom told me that today is a very special day. I was not sure to whom that special day was meant to. Hadi hold me tight, afraid that I might destroy the cakes that were displayed. I saw Mom selected the biggest and the most beautiful one and on top of it was written ' Happy Birthday Yusuff'. I still cannot understand what is the special occasion and why my name was written on top of the cake. I saw Mom trust a huge notes to the girl behind the counter. It must be very expensive.
Then Mom stop again at another shop to buy some balloons. I like balloon very much and I admire its wonderful colors. Brother Ikhlas used to blow a balloon for me and I will punch it up to the sky. Mom said, tonight everybody will blow all the balloons and to be hanged from the ceiling and wall. I still wondering why everybody seems to be happy to celebrate the day with cake and balloons.
Finally I asked Mom what was all about. Mom told me that I am growing older by a year now and today is my 2nd birthday. Mom kissed me and wish me all the best and to be a very obedient and wonderful son. Lastly Mom convey a message from Dad wishing me a wonderful and prosperous happy birthday.

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RM57.7 billion spent by Najib to buy voters.